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About Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre
Communication is a multi dimensional dynamic process that allows human beings to interact with the environment.  Through communication we are able to express our thoughts, needs and emotions. It is an intricate process that involves cerebration, cognition, hearing, speech production and motor co-ordination. Disorders of communication and cognition therefore affects the human psyche perhaps as no other form of disability does.

Sravana speech and hearing center was established 15 years back in an attempt to remedy this unfortunate situation. Centre offers care an counseling service to thousands of patients. It's training programs are helping in capacity building for therapy and other related services and its activates have helped to attract the attention of the public to this problems to a large extent. 

Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre at Kanjikuzhi Kottayam has started in 1995 under the supervision of Mrs. Susan Mathew, who is an Audiologist & Speech Pathologist, graduated from All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore. Mrs. Susan started her practice at MGDM Hospital, Kangazha, Kottayam from 1990. Mr. Biju Alex Mathew (Partner) who is a professional in fitting Digital Hearing Aids and has bagged many certificates from International organizations during the training. He handles the sales, service and administration of Sravana.


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