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Caring Your Hearing Aids ::: Important Do's  & Don'ts
  • When you remove your hearing aids, wipe them carefully with a dry, soft, cloth.
  • Avoid sharp knock & impact, insert & remove your hearing instruments over a soft surface.
  • Don't use solvents or alcohol on the hearing aid as they can damage the hearing aid circuitry.
  • Don't place the hearing aids in direct heat; like under the sun, or in microwave.
  • Don't allow your hearing aids to get wet.
  • Avoid contact with make-up or hair spray. The fine particles produced by make-up or hair spray can easily block a microphone inlet. Always remove hearing instruments before using such products.
  • Ear Hygiene - Always make sure that the ear is clean. If you're hearing instrument sounds weak, it may be due to the sound outlet or the cerumen filter being blocked with wax or dirt. You can obtain special cleaning products from your hearing care professional.
  • Please remove the battery and keep hearing aid in the presentation case or in a special drying box.
  • Don't leave your hearing aids, hearing batteries or hearing aid care products within the reach of children or pets.
  • The hearing instrument battery can be dangerous if swallowed. Consult a medical professional immediately if the battery is accidentally consumed.


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