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Our services:
  • Audiometry Tests
  • Tympanometry 
  • Counselling & Speech Therapy
  • Hearing Aid Trial
  • Hearing Aid Fitting 
  • Hard & Soft Ear Mould
  • Zinc Air Batteries
  • Accessories
  • After Sales Service
  • Assessment of communication disorders
  • Language therapy
  • Articulation training
  • Fluency therapy
  • Voice therapy
  • Home training programmes & follow up services


Audiological assessment
  • Puretone audiometry
  • Imedance audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry
  • OAE servicing
Ear moulds
  • Hearing Aids (BTE, Pockit model, ITC, ITE,CIC),
  • Analog & Digital hearing aids (Siemens, Widex, GN Resound, Phonek, ALPS, ELKON),
  • Fitting & Programming.
Fluency Therapy for those with
  • normal non-fluent
  • stuttering
  • cluttering

Articulation Therapy
For those with unclear speech in

  • cleft lip & palate
  • dysarthria
  • hearing loss
  • other communication disorders
Speech & Language therapy for Neurological disorders
  • in the case of stroke
  • Brain injury
  • hearing disability

Special home training plans will be given to the patient after training and regular follow up will be given.

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